Brooke hanging art at the Rematsers of the Universe group show she curated with Jeff Bertrand.


No words from me, just Brooke..

Unfriendly Things by BrookeE

 Almost every art show I photo boothed meant I got to see Brooke, Julian, and a Zappa tee!

"For the last decade, since first moving to Nashville, 33-year old artist and illustrator Brooke E. has been a part of the local Pop-Surrealist and Lowbrow scene. Since November of 2013 she has bravely been fighting Stage 4 breast cancer. Treatments were going well, until one day they weren't. That said, rather than prematurely mourn her, please join us in celebrating Brooke's Art Life with her at her first solo show. Featuring selected works spanning her career, live music, and first, second, and third prize awards for best costumes, as well as Pinatas and food, this should prove to be an amazing carnival of fun to celebrate Brooke's life and art. Lastly, her only rule is "No Tears!."

Photo by Brandt Hardin at Versus art show, The Arcade Nashville

Miss you Brooke