Black Friday 2015 | Agape Antler Matryoshka Dolls | Anjeanette Illustration

So instead of rushing out to shop how about rushing out to scavenger hunt for free art?

Jeff Bertrand put out a call for 3,000 Free Art Friday drops this Black Friday!!!

Here are my contributions:

1. 20x20 Baby Metal digital art print which originally hang as a part of

Blackbird Tattoo and Art Gallery's Metal show I am the original artist of this piece, this is a print of my digital painting.

2. Two sets of a three part

Matryoshka series I am calling the

Agape Antler Dolls this is set 2/3 and 1/3. I will finish up 3/3 some time later....

I will drop them separately but these babies are SMALL and FRAGILE> need to sculpt the antlers next time I try this, drill holes for them and use different glue. Anyways, they are super cute, definitely tested my eyes and brush stroke techniques! That is a US quarter pictured with some of them for scale.

I will be dropping these around town, and the FIRST clues will be on

my Instagram


PLEASE if found post on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtags #fafnash or # #famn‬

Happy Hunting! More about Free Art Friday and FAFNASH here.


UPDATE: The drops were successful 2/3- no idea if the print (left on the bushes in front of Fuji in Rivergate) was picked up? It was a full 24 hours before the rain bgan and clearly marked FREE ART so hopefully someone has it!!

Here is how the others looked with clues at drop off

Matryoshka Doll atEast Nashville



Doll at

The Frist