National Parks Adventures | Yosemite | Anjeanette Illustration Photography

Easily one of my favorite places this trip. My artists soul sang! So easy to see why it inspired naturalist

John Muir


Ansel Adams


Mary Winslow

, and many others including many

notable women


Kick ass NPS stamp of course ;)


was crisp and peaceful- and even though it was quite busy it had none of the overwhelming factor of the Grand Canyons South Rim. We had plenty of opportunities to get on trails and on our own. Many times it felt like we were the only folks there, until we ran into larger happy polite tourist groups, and then moments later we were alone again.

El Capitan

did not disappoint, and we even saw climbers and tents ON the mountain with our binoculars. I cannot describe how tiny they looked on the face of that granite wall.  My regret is that we missed the night time star program...may have to fly over just for that one day and hopefully it will be in February when waterfalls catch fire as I heard about on

How Stuff Works

. Every spot was picture perfect, only wish we had three more days to spend there.