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I think Sequoia may have been the best overall sensory park we visited this summer- it tipped the scales in smell! The air is really rich, and scented like balsa, fir and smoky vanilla. Its amazing. I have never been this close to wild bears- by which of course I mean at least 500 feet away with a zoom lens! They were very calm, grazing with their cub quite a bit further away from them, yet I would NEVER approach a wild animal even if they are used to humans and obviously tagged. We also spoke briefly with a


e- thats what another visitor insisted it was called but it sure looked like a fuzzy


to me to me :)

Everyone compares Sequoia to the Redwoods, and I understand that is just how we humans process our world and experiences. Its just two very different climates to me. Parts of the


reminded me a lot of Michigan, maybe Michigan of the past although of course nothing like redwoods trees grows in Michigan. It has a specifically Northern wetter, lusher, climate and vibe.

Sequoia & Kings Canyon

are very dry, still, Southern and spaced. Both magnificent - picking a favorite doesn't really make sense. However, I am still frustrated that I missed getting a Redwood stamp at the North Station as that ranger closed 15 mins early the day we passed by. Sob! I am totally sure there was a great reason but I may take that to my grave ;)

We got a great tree and cancellation stamp in one of the Ranger stations, and even scratch and sniffed a


to smell more vanilla. Check out more about the trees there at the

Know Your California Trees

site. Of course no visit would be complete without a visit to

General Sherman

. We even were treated to a impromptu concert by a family of musicians on the long walk back up from the the monumental tree!

Be sure to plan a visit soon, next year is the

125th anniversary


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Behold the majestic "Marmalute" in his, ah, natural habitat?

Moro rock, visible from drive to and from Sequoia