I love my new Iphone! But I am not throwing away my professional camera

I do, I adore it. Recently in New York I had my 5DM3 and my favorite sigma 35mm Art lens....but for two whole days I only shot the site with my phone.

However....I will just leave this here. I am amazed at what my phone can do, and I def know of professional photographers who use them in real portrait and commercial sessions! I fully believe the most important camera is the one one has with them when the memories happen. I also am not sweating job security because for every iphone and DIY idea there is a Pinterest fail. That i no bashing or throwing shade- because I am so excited by and thankful for the tech we have to all be creators! And documenting the moments of your life is something I fully support to be sure- its how I DO IT! More than half of my families events are iphone and wonderful captures.

 For your most special moments I can be trusted to take care of the lighting and angles and depth of field, the edits and 1,000 of blink and you miss them memories. My ideal client knows that on a day as important and huge as Wedding or Senior Portrait session they want to be fully immersed in the moment, not angling their iphone while reciting vows and praying they turn out ok :)

There is, of course, much more to photography than gear. Never make the mistake that spending more money will mean you’ll instantly get professional-level photos.
— Time Magazine