Awarded as one of the best wedding photographers in Nashville?!?! What the what?

I was completely blown away to hear yesterday that I was selected as one of the top 24 best wedding photographers in Nashville.

LINK: We Looked at 240 Wedding Photographers in Nashville and Picked the Top 24

Legitimately surprised y'all as I had not been aware of the company or contest before being contacted. They sound like a fantastic Seattle based company that "Helps People Find Experts". Articles on finding the business for your needs, everything from weddings to solar panels to lawyers. For me the best part is I did not 'pay to play'-this was a merit award! Many marketing and advertising groups use an effective strategy to entice business clients- and heck I am excited to get those awards too! However, I keep a level head because even though they are review based as well (you get a clients choice award because clients have reviewed your service and are happy with you!) they are awarded to encourage paid advertisement.

I did not purchase anything from Expertise, nor do I currently have a listing free or paid or otherwise...although I would definitely consider one of their listings in our area now :)

Expertise: Connect With the Best Local Experts

Hire top-rated professionals and read guides written by experts in their fields.

"Our platform makes it easy to choose experts in your city that are a perfect fit for your project needs. On Expertise, you can explore provider profiles to get a 360-degree view of each expert, including their reviews, galleries of their work, areas of expertise, awards, certifications, and everything else you need to decide who to hire."

I researched the company, and based on the facts of the award it looks like it is mostly based on the reviews left by my wonderful and amazing clients. They have a great infographic on the break down of why each was chosen on the page, and it mentions specific moments from two weddings in 2015. Folks, you are so much more than just clients. You are my friends, so many have become like family these last few years through the sharing of life changing moments and the rough patches when life & business was challenging.

I am tickled-pleased, honored and humbled to accept this award and to join recipients who I have long admired and respected like And How! Imaging just to name one. You guys-these are really really good photographers on the list!! Holy crap how am I on this??? Nashville is ridiculously blessed with sharp shooters, and a unique perspective and style to each one. So blessed that running a photography business is no easy hustle- you have to be strong and work hard. Always be improving and practicing your craft. I’ve been privileged enough to work for amazing photographers like Erika Chambers, Gigi "The Lady and The Rock" Tremel, for Inter-State Studios for 7 1/2 years, as well as with Chealsea Rochelle and Kailee Riches. I was even absolutely blessed enough to see La Photographie in action shooting my very own wedding- cue Wayne and Garth "Not worthy"!!!!

Not to even mention my local photography heroes who I constantly watch, pester with questions, and who are kind enough to put up with it! Not sure they would want me to mention all their names but you have definitely seen me brag on them and share their images and info a lot of Facebook & Instagram, right ;)

To be transparent, I have suffered through self doubt this year. The moments I capture are important so they are worthy of obsession of detail. Like collecting the feelings and moments of now for the future in a jar...happy occasions, beginnings and sometimes before goodbyes. Always one to pray, study, practice and work all day and through the night to improve and better myself and my work I just kept working and praying when it became challenging. Trusting in my faith. While it is so nice to be recognized I know everything is by the grace of God. To have been reviewed with the other 240 local wedding photography businesses and found good for clients based on the criteria of Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, Professionalism, and Engagement-wow guys. Thank you to my Seniors, Bride & Grooms, and sweet Families in Hendersonville and Nashville! Thank you Expertise!